This is a Dan Armstrong (from Ampeg) Plexiglas Bass. They made these in the late ‘60s. They also made a 6 string as well! They are very unique guitars. 

Notice how the pickup slides out of the body. The bass came standard with a deep bass pickup and a bright bass pickup these can be changed in seconds; pretty innovative design. I seem to recall the 6 strings came with 3 or 4 pickups. This one is a reissue. They are very true to the original in every detail. (Right down to the simulated wood pick guard and peg head. (Just a bit understated; even in the ‘60s & ‘70s.) 

This bass needed nothing but a setup and a custom pick guard, truss rod cover, and peg head cover. The beautiful color is antique ivory pearl. I made these from scratch making a template from the old pick guard and truss rod cover. Both were the original dark wood print. The peg head cover was made from a pattern by taking the tuning keys off and tracing it. I cut it back just a bite around the edges on the peg head to give it a dimensional look. 

Very nice playing bass and great looks too.

Check out the solid wood and solid copper pickguards below these can be custom made for any style guitar copper is non ferrous so it wont affect sound or demagnetize a pickup.

Choose your wood and your color so yes you can have it your way! these are made to order so call us. 
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